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Read German version of this page.EIKE is committed to making energy-efficient decisions – for all types of energy sources – on the basis of proven criteria:

  • Profitability
  • Reliability and technical safety
  • Environmental compatibility

These criteria are grossly violated by German energy policy. This policy is already responsible for steadily rising energy prices and is jeopardizing a secure power supply. According to the ideas of the Federal Government (energy concept of 28.09.2010 and political decisions on the „nuclear phase-out“), Germany will no longer be energy-autonomous for the first time in its history, but will permanently become a net importer.

The electricity prices, which are dramatically increasing as a result of the EEG as well as the CO2 certificate trade, will lead to the emigration of companies from the particularly affected industrial branches („de-industrialization“). Significant workplace losses will result, coupled with drastic reduction in government tax revenues.

EIKE supports all efforts to rationalize energy when it leads to a real reduction in overall costs.

EIKE does not see any dangers for the future energy supply of mankind due to a shortage of primary energy carriers, since fossil and nuclear energy resources, which are already known, will last for a reasonable period of time.

EIKE rejects energy policy measures that lead to inefficient, unreliable and environmentally incompatible energy supplies. Such a policy (EEG) is causing serious damage to economic development, while at the same time affecting citizens‘ living standards considerably.

EIKE therefore calls for:

  • Replacement of the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) without replacement.
  • Immediate cessation of trade in carbon dioxide emission allowances.
  • Completion of the attempts to press carbon dioxide into the ground with the costly and risky CCS process for the population.
  • Termination of nuclear energy discrimination

Update from 4 May 2011
Further explanations of the EIKE principles can be found here.